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Why Should You Choose GOTS Certification When Buying Organic Cotton Products

Cotton is a well-known crop in the world. It’s also considered to be the world’s dirtiest crop, just as fashion takes the second position as the most polluting industry in the world right behind oil. Through the years, Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) have had a great influence on the textile industry due to organic farming and processing methods which affect a lot of lives in countries that are into bulk production of the cotton crops.

What You Need to Know About GOTS Certification

The GOTS certification organic cotton industry ensures that the organic cotton used is sustainable enough to grow without the use of genetically modified seeds, pesticides, or herbicides. A lot of cotton farming around the globe uses about 25% of pesticides, and changing to organic cotton will bring 49% usage of water and 81% fewer agrochemicals that are needed to produce organic cotton.
Here are reasons why you should choose certified GOTS when buying organic cotton products.

No GMO Seeds

When you choose organic cotton or organic bedding, you are empowering farmers to grow their cotton seeds the natural way. Keep in mind that genetically modified seeds use lots of pesticides which in turn gives room to plant radiation. Anytime you buy organic clothes, it shows your commitment to saving the planet. All over the world, organizations use modified seeds in about 40% of their textile production, which gives it a more accepted reach.

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No Insecticides or Herbicides

GOTS encourages healthy farming and discourages the use of pesticides in farming. The use of insecticide on crops can cause soil erosion, and degradation, and reduces soil fertility, and biodiversity. Research has shown that about 72 million cotton workers do suffer from pesticides poisoning every year. But when you buy cotton clothing from GOTS certified organic cotton products, you are contributing to healthier farm communities and workers.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

The production process of organic cotton involves the use of fewer energy resources. Organic cotton/farming helps in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by a 60% margin and also 46% less in the possibility of global warming.

Purity and Quality

Organic farming helps minimize the consumption of water. It also allows farmers to better utilize the flow of water through the execution of crop rotation. Furthermore, soil plays an important role in drought conditions. During the wet season, when it rains, the cotton becomes rain fed which saves valuable water resources and uses artificial water obsolete.

Ethical Working Conditions

When you buy GOTS organic cotton products, you help farmers earn higher pay for their labor and also avoid the chemical costs involved. By applying fair trade principles, organic cotton farmers enjoy fair wages for their produce, ensuring they are not taken advantage of by the middlemen.


GOTS Certified organic cotton products make sure that stringent measures are adhered to in terms of quality standards and supply chains. All products are 100% all-natural organic. By choosing organic cotton you are contributing to a healthier environment, and as a business owner, ensuring that the global impact is a beneficial one. Click here for more information.

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