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10 Ways to Live an Organic Lifestyle

A lot of people associate an organic lifestyle to just eating healthy.  When you see a blog or online magazine about healthy living, choosing organic is often what is featured. People mostly blog about their diet and anything associated with organic living.  This means avoiding foods that are produced using artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Yes, it is one way for people to live that life, but it is not limited to that. It is one way to live and kickstart your organic lifestyle, but there are more ways to do it too.

For instance, you can get free cleaning supplies for your home that are all made of organic ingredients. You can also find other options to travel that do not leave a huge carbon footprint. Using products for your skin that are made from natural ingredients is also another way to do it. The key to starting an organic living is to take small but meaningful steps to make this world a better place. And in the process, you also see a positive change in your health and wellbeing since you care more.

Here are 10 simple ways to start your organic life.

Purchasing and eating organic foods.

The fastest and easiest way for you to start a healthy lifestyle is by making a switch with your food options. Start purchasing organic foods as they are not only nutritious and good for your health, but they taste so much better. On top of that, organic food products are free of any harmful pesticides to it which can affect your health. Switching to organic foods will ensure that you are only eating healthy foods. On top of that, you will also see a big difference in your skin when you make simple changes to your diet. You will love your body even more.

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Buying good local produce.

Buying local produce supports your local economy and eliminates the need to transport your food from far away countries. Hence, reduces greenhouse gases. It also has a lower price than getting it somewhere else. The best way to buy local produce is by visiting your local farmer’s market or go to small farms in your area that sell fruits, vegetables, eggs, and fresh meat. Some of them may be able to directly sell it to you and give you a good price.

Starting an organic garden.

Organic gardening

Starting your organic garden is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of waste you produce through grocery shopping as well as eliminating the need for mass-producing food. When you have to cook something, all the ingredients are already right in your garden. The world will be a better place if all the people start a small natural garden. Not only will it save you money for food, but it will also give you a lot of fruits and vegetables that are healthy. You will be producing crops that are free from harmful chemicals. It will add value to your life in many ways. On top of that, organic gardening is also a relaxing and very rewarding way to start your day. Even planting in small containers can already produce different kinds of fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

Making your meals.

Organic lifestyle tips

While you can go to a restaurant an order organic food, making your meals and preparing them yourself every day is a better way to completely live an organic lifestyle. The cost of eating out will add up and you will realize you can save more when you make your own meals. Avoiding eating out as much as possible reduces your carbon footprint. If you’re used to eating out every day, you can do it at least once a week. Moreover, you can guarantee that you have a healthy meal in front of you because you’re the one preparing it. Another benefit of preparing your meals is it improves your skill in cooking in the long run.

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Using organic products in your home.

Incorporating organic products into your home is one of the best ways to slowly switch to organic life.  For instance, we usually get traditional cleaning products that are made of chemicals that can harm the environment. So the next time you go to the store, look for a variety of organic and all-natural cleaning products.  You can get your oils and other items you need for cleaning your home. These products don’t use toxic chemicals like synthetic oil, ammonia, and bleach. Alternatively, you can also consider using all-natural ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, lemon, and others to use for cleaning. It’s free from toxic ingredients, safe, effective, and will help you save more money!

Looking for alternative methods of transportation.

Getting from point A to B through alternative methods of transportation is one of the best ways to live organically. For instance, if the place you are going to is within walking distance, consider just walking towards that destination. You can also try riding a bicycle or scooter. It may not look much but this small shift can bring a big difference to the environment.

Switching to organic skincare.

You don’t have to give up your beauty and skincare routine just because you want to adopt an organic lifestyle. You can still love, care, and pamper yourself by using organic beauty and skincare products. These are products made from natural ingredients. Some of these products include organic soaps, organic shampoos, and face creams made from natural ingredients. Some of them include coconut oil, olive oil, honey, sugar, and more! You can find hand creams, hand sanitizers, face creams, and others that are made from natural components.

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The great thing about doing this is that your skin will look better. You will be taking care of your skin naturally and your skin won’t have to put up with chemical-based products anymore.

Taking organic supplements.

If you need a boost of energy and metabolism, vitamins and supplements will help you achieve this. Switch to organic brands that offer organic supplements so you can be assured that you are getting adequate nutrients from organic supplements.

An organic lifestyle is reducing energy usage too.

Reducing your energy usage by controlling your energy consumption or by using alternative options like solar energy is also one way to live organically. Another way to do this is by buying home appliances that allow you to save more energy.

Purchasing used clothing.

Ways to live an organic lifestyle

Clothing production is one of the largest contributors of pollution around the world. By purchasing used clothing from thrift stores, you can reduce your impact on the environment. Alternatively, if you want to buy something new, look for clothing brands that use organic materials.


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